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Global Climate Justice

Episode Summary

In this episode we focus on global climate justice. What is it? Are we anywhere near achieving it? And, if not, what changes are needed?

Episode Notes

We’re returning this week to the topic of climate change. You may have heard our episode a few weeks ago exploring global climate governance. Well this week, we turn our attention to global climate justice. The climate crisis has been caused mostly by the rich countries of the old industrial world. But many of the effects of that crisis are being felt first and most harshly elsewhere – in countries that bear little responsibility and often lack the resources to adapt. 

So what would a just response to the climate challenge look like? How close have past rounds of negotiation come to that? And how are things looking for the COP26 climate summit taking place in Glasgow in November?

Host: Dr Alan Renwick

Dr Simon Chin-Yee 

Dr Lauren Gifford 

Dr Jessica Omukuti