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Disabilities in the Workplace

Episode Summary

This week we are exploring the experience of disabled people in work, and asking the question, ‘How can we make our workplaces more inclusive?’

Episode Notes

It is estimated that around a fifth of people working in the UK today are disabled in some way. Many of these people report feeling that their employers do a poor job at accommodating their requirements to make their workplaces more inclusive. 

Yet the 2010 Equality Act was designed to protect disabled people from ‘discrimination or disadvantage’ in work by placing a legal responsibility on employers to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ to accommodate their disabled workers' needs. 

So why is this discrimination still occurring? Is the Equality Act still fit for purpose? And what can be done to improve the situation?

To discuss these questions and the launch of their new report, Uncovering Politics is joined by two members of the UCL Department of Political Science: Dr Sarabajaya Kumar, Lecturer in Voluntary Sector Policy and Leadership; and Dr Colin Provost, Associate Professor of Public Policy.

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